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BluButtaFli Beauty Essentials

Nano Facial Steamer

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Enjoy the beauty salon spa at home using our Nano Facial Steamer. Using a Facial Steamer offers so many benefits to enhance your skincare.


 1. Combines hot steam with Nano technology to achieve 10 times of hydration effect. It can open pores to clean face and then infiltrate moisture into deep skin to effectively quench skin thirst.

2. Facial steaming is hydrating, this hydrates the skin leaving your skin with a rich glow.  Clears up Acne, softens the top layer of your skin and helps free dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria that cause irritations and breakouts. 

3. Helps Detox: Steaming increases perspiration and stimulates blood circulation. Sweating helps your body clear wastes and toxins. and will give you a warm glow in the process

4. Deep Cleans Skin: Facial steaming is an excellent method to deep clean your skin naturally and removes dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

5. Prevents Dry Skin: The heat and moisture from the steam allow your skin to be more absorbent. As a result, skin care products can be deeply absorbed and keep your skin hydrated. 



1. Steam your face after completely removing makeup and cleansing your face.

2. It is advisable to steam your face for no more than 8 minutes each time.

3. The number of steamed faces should not be too frequent, and it should be no more than three times a week.

4. Add distilled or purified water to reduce scale.

5. When the face is steamed, the distance is about 20cm away from the instrument. After the face is adapted to the temperature, it can be pulled close.

6. When using steamed face, pay attention to temperature and steam to prevent steam from burning your eyes, skin or respiratory tract.

7. After washing the face, wash your face with cold water, and then apply a skin care product such as astringent water to your face.